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Easy Assembly

Swipe App Our Face Shield Glasses are easy to assemble as you can see in this video below. Just attach the shield visor to the clips on the sides and you are all set.

When the shield gets to the point you want to replace it, just pop the old one out and snap the new one right in!!!

over glasses face shield

Wear Them With Confidence

As you can see from the video above, the shield visor wraps 180 degrees around the glasses providing you full face protection from any unexpected and/or unwanted splashes.

Features and Benefits

Quality Material

Made from high quality materials of

PC (Polycarbonate) and

APET (Amorphous Polyethylene 



No need to be concerned about breathing too hard while wearing our face shields, as they will not fog up.

Comfortable to Wear

Whether you are used to wearing glasses or not, our face shields are more comfortable to wear than the ones with the straps. They come with comfort fit acrylic glasses that can also fit over most eyeglasses .

Replaceable and Cleanable

The visor shields are easily cleanable with some soap and wear or a glass cleaners. They are also replaceable so you can keep the pair of glasses and just replace the shields. at less cost than buying a whole new set.

Long Lasting

Since our face shield glasses are made of high caliber material and are also cleanable, they will last a long time.

Smart Design

The raised design on the nasal bridge part holds the shield away from the face, allowing room for most glasses and a comfortable fit for all.

Full Face Protection

Feel confident that your face and eyes are protected from any unwarranted splashes or exposure.


Our face shield glasses are similar to the cost of regular face shields. When you buy from us you receive a complete set which includes a replaceable visor shield. Our sets start at under three dollars each depending on the quantity you need.


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Face shield glasses

Who We Are

Our Face Shield Glasses are just one of the products we supply as part of our main company, Budget PPE. We felt these needed to be highlighted so we dedicated a whole site to them. You can find out more about our company and see our other products there.

You can also go straight to buy now to get your face shield glasses.

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